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Hi! We are Karola and Piotrek. We are pleased to host you here.

Życie.Me is a tourist blog focused on experience and active ways of spending free time. Both in the mountains as well as in urban alleys.

For our readers this blog is an inspiration and encouragement to get up from the chair and go out to explore the area. Besides inspiring - closed in our texts and photographs - travel reports from visited places we give our readers a handful of practical informations, reviews related with equipment, travel literature and topics about life around us as well.

We are open minded, have heads full of ideas and passion to explore new places. If you think that our activity in web fits the profile of your company and you would like to do something cool with us, feel free to contact us.
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➡reviews of hotels/boarding houses
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➡others; we are open to your ideas as well

We don't like to waste  time so please note we don't advertise the product which we don't like, which we wouldn't use, which we don't know and which doesn't fit to the profile of our blog.
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If you have a cooperation offer for us, want to inform us about something, want to surprise us or invite us somewhere feel free to contact us.
We check our mail regularly and make every effort to respond as quickly as possible.

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